Welcome to the Woodside Family

I am thrilled as Head of School to share our unique international school with you. For over four decades, Woodside students from near and far have flourished as they learned, graduated with a sense of deep possibility and lived lives of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

From my very first moments at Woodside, it was clear that this was a place of belonging, where community members were seen, heard and valued. A deeper dive revealed a true regard for relationships, a delight in the cultural and linguistic diversity that forms the fabric of the school, and an eagerness to explore ideas, perspectives, and worldviews – together.

Each day, our collective belief in the limitless potential for growth is enacted inside and outside of classrooms. In one class students might be focused on investigating a real world scientific question, another they may grapple with a societal dilemma, a third may encounter a myriad of voices and experiences during a service learning opportunity, a field trip or a Speaker Series event. Underpinning all that we do, we inspire intellectual risk taking, failing forward, and expanding boundaries to empower students to seize the challenges and opportunities inherent in learning and living well.

While nothing can replicate an in-person experience, I do hope that my letter provides a glimpse into what our program offers to young people and growing minds.

Welcome to the Woodside family.

Joanne Walsh
Head of School

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